LIPOWER USB Camping Lantern LED Emergency Light 5W, Warm White

$14.00 – $25.00

USB Powered and Easy To Install -- Powered by any 5Volt USB power source,  which is the optimal companion for the LIPOWER PA300/SOL500/MARS-1000 portable power station. In addition, it can...

AC Power Adapter 26V/4.5A for MARS-1000


LIPOWER AC Adapter Compatibility--LIPOWER Replacement AC Power Adapter for MARS-1000 Portable Power Stations Specification--AC Adapter 26V/4.5A, 117W; 5.5*2.1mm DC connector (COMPATIBLE WITH LIPOWER MARS-1000) Feature--AC Adapter for portable power station original...

LIPOWER 12V Car Charger Cable and Cigarette Lighter Socket


Dimention: The DC port size is 5.5*2.1mm. The car charger cable length is 1.03m. The cigarette lighter adapter socket length is 0.18m. Compatibility: LIPOWER PA300 and SOL500 original car charge...

LIPOWER Carrying Case Bag for MARS-1000/MARS-1000 PRO


Universal Compatibility: This compact and hardy one-hand bag is designed for the MARS-1000/1000 PRO. With a large storage capacity (Dimensions 15.3*11.4*11.4 inches; Weight: 1.2 LB) this bag has enough space...

LIPOWER AC Power Adapter 19V/3A for PA300 and SOL500


Compatibility -- LIPOWER Replacement AC Power Adapter for PA300 and SOL500 Portable Power Stations Specification -- 19V/3A, 57W; 5.5*2.1mm DC connector (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LIPOWER MARS-1000) Feature -- Original LIPOWER PA300/ SOL500 AC...

Solar Charge Cable DC5521 Male To DC5521 Male


Compatibility: LIPOWER Replacement DC5521-DC5521 male to male cable for connecting solar panel APOLLE 100 with PA300/ SOL500/ MARS-1000 portable power stations. Specification: 5.5*2.1mm. The DC-DC power cord measures 79 inches...

LIPOWER Anderson Cable Y Branch Parallel Anderson Cable


Universality --Anderson Power Pole Can be used to combine two solar panels to charge a solar generator, increasing charging efficiency High Quality -- High quality material Anderson Power Pole material that...

Solar Charge Cable DC5521 Female To Anderson


Compatibility: LIPOWER Replacement DC5521 female-Anderson cable for connecting APOLLE 100 with SOL500/ MARS-1000 portable power stations. Specification: The DC female port measures 5.5*2.1mm, 20 inches. Feature: Used for connecting LIPOWER...

LIPOWER Accessories Storage Bag 220mm x 150mm


Keep all in one place: The accessories organizing bag has enough roomy to hold various items like cables, USB drive, cord, adapter and etc. Excellent protection: Well-padded semi-flexible covers offer excellent...

LIPOWER AC Adapter 25.5V/8A Charger 200W for LIPOWER MARS-2000


LIPOWER AC Adapter Compatibility--LIPOWER Replacement AC Power Adapter for MARS-2000/MARS-1000 PRO/MARS-1000. Specification--AC Adapter 25.5V/8A, 204W; 5.5*2.1mm DC connector (COMPATIBLE WITH LIPOWER MARS-2000/MARS-1000 PRO/MARS-1000) Feature--AC Adapter for portable power station original...

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