Although camping is available all year round, winter camping is  far less popular than the other three seasons. The winter outdoors can be cold, bleak, and lonely, and camping in these conditions requires extremely functional gear to withstand the elements. But at the same time, the winter outdoors has its own unique beauty: winter camping also allows you to experience unparalleled beauty of wilderness.

Winter Camping Essentials:


Winter camping tents should choose winter tents or four-season tents, and must be double-layer tents, which can keep warm and cold, have better air permeability, and can provide superior rain and wind protection.

Gauze ventilation holes are set in the tent to ensure superior air permeability,which can reduce the occurrence of frost on the inner tent in cold climates.

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Sleeping Bag

Choose a suitable sleeping bag according to the outdoor temperature, the temperature outdoors in winter will be relatively low at night, so you must choose a heavyweight down sleeping bag to ensure a comfortable sleep.High-quality white duck down can bring you a warm and comfortable sleeping environment. Its chest collar and windshield design can effectively prevent the entry of cold wind and improve the thermal insulation effect.

Moisture Proof Pad

It is recommended to use the aluminum film moisture-proof pad in combination with the automatic inflatable pad. Place the aluminum film moisture-proof pad on the bottom and the automatic inflatable pad on the top, which can effectively prevent moisture and heat, and ensure that the body temperature will not be lost.

Extreme Cold Weather Clothing

Winter outdoor camping clothing should adhere to the three-layer principle. The outer layer should wear a windproof and waterproof outer shell, the middle layer should wear a warm cotton liner or fleece, and the inner layer should wear long-sleeved clothes with good perspiration effect.Do not wear cotton products on the inner layer, because outdoor sports sweat a lot, and cotton underwear will lose its ability to keep warm when wet, and it will take a long time to dry.

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Outdoor Shoes

Choose outdoor shoes with good waterproof and warm performance, because the direct consequence of non-waterproof shoes is that your feet may be frozen in the shoes.You can also wrap your shoes in a clean plastic bag and put them in your sleeping bag when you go to bed at night. If you leave your shoe outside your sleeping bag, it will freeze hard the next morning, making it difficult to wear and chafing your feet.

Insulated Water Bottles

Bring a Insulated water bottle, it is very comfortable to drink a few sips of hot water outdoors in the cold winter. In addition, you can also pour the hot water from the water bottle into a hot water bag, and then hold the hot water bag in your arms to warm your hands and feet.


Bring a special alpine gas tank. If you choose the alpine route, the ordinary gas tank is simply a decoration at a temperature below -15, so the choice must be an alpine gas tank or a high-pressure oil furnace.

Portable Power Station 

Outdoor power supply is an indispensable equipment for many campers. LIPOWER portable power station has a fire-resistant shell, wear-resistant and anti-fall, anti-shock protection door, intelligent temperature control and heat dissipation, rubber dust-proof plug and other detailed safety designs. Outdoor power supply 500 or 1000 for short outdoor trips is a good choice.

LIPOWER SOL500 with 472Wh capacity provides enough power, while the built-in LED flashlight will back you up in the dark.It is very convenient when walking at night, entering and leaving the tent at night, and looking for things in the tent. You don't have to bring an extra camp light.

500w power station-lipowershop

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles or Nordic walking poles are powerful equipment for your winter outings. They can not only be used to support your body, save energy, and maintain balance; you can also use them to explore paths when walking in the snow.


About Sleeping Bags

Snow camping sleeping bags cannot be placed directly on the ground with ice and snow, so as to avoid the human body becoming cold by melting the ice and snow. It should be fully fluffed before using the sleeping bag, so that the insulation effect is better. Sleeping bags must always be kept dry.

After each use, let the warm air out of the bag to prevent the warm air from condensing and wetting the sleeping bag when it is cold. Don't wear too much clothes when entering the sleeping bag. Wearing too much will make people sweat, which will make the sleeping bag wet and reduce the thermal insulation performance.

Keep Clothing Dry

In particular, the drying of gloves and socks is very important. It is best to dry them by fire at night or put them in a sleeping bag, and use body temperature to dry them while sleeping.

Do not wear shoes to bake your feet. This will not only make it difficult to dry, but will also generate moisture inside. When you go out, walking in ice and snow will condense into ice, which is prone to frostbite. Hunters have a little experience in this regard. Putting plastic bags on the outside of socks and putting on shoes can keep your feet warm and moisture-proof.

Never Drink Alcohol When It Is Cold

Although drinking alcohol can temporarily cause the body to feel hot, the actual alcohol dilates the blood vessels, increases the body's heat dissipation, and causes physical weakness.