Mobile phones can be said to be the electronic devices that have accompanied us for the longest time. No matter when and where we are, we are inseparable from mobile phones. How do you charge your phone if the power goes out at home or in a forest, by the sea or in the mountains?
In such an era where electricity is inseparable, portable power supplies are indispensable to us. Whether it is for travel or emergency use after a power failure, portable power supplies bring us great convenience.

So what is a portable power supply?

A portable power station is a super-capacity power bank with multifunctional capability. Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, keep your gear charged up and ready wherever you are. With a compact and lightweight build, it's very easy to carry.

What are the uses of portable power supplies?

Generally divided into two categories, outdoor and indoor.
The Outdoors
A portable power station is designed with portability and powerful as the main feature, ideal for outdoor travel, camping, RV, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing and many more outdoor activities. Tthey provide stable power supply through AC, DC, USB ports and solar panels, allowing users to power a wide range of devices.

portable power stations has 300W,500W,1000W, 2000W
ect different power, you can choose a suitable power supply according to the power of the device you need to charge.

Such as a heater in the tent during cold nights, an induction cooker for cooking, and your mobile devices such as phones, laptops, drone, Bluetooth speaker, and other accessories.

LIPOWER portable power stations have solar panels to recharge the power station. This allows you to power your devices for those long camping expeditions. As long as it is sunny, you get clean, free energy. This form of power supply is far better and beneficial when compared with traditional power supplies such as oil and coal.

Portable Power Station 1000W/1100Wh LIPOWER MARS-1000

The Indoors
Power outages can be frustrating. Nonetheless, they are common, especially following natural disasters. It is, therefore, prudent to prepare yourself for such situations by investing in a portable power station. Emergency power stations have powerful mobility and versatility. Whenever you are facing natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, or floods, MARS-1000W can provide power for your emergency necessities. Power up your fridge to prevent food from spoiling during blackouts. Power up your CPAP to solve the problem of CPAP power supply during a power outage. Power up the lights, phones, laptops, etc, for all your power needs. The power stations also come with their in-built LED light and SOS flash, making them ideal for use in emergencies.

Of course, even if there is no power outage, you can still use the portable power supply to start the day with a sweet cup of coffee from the coffee machine in the morning. In the afternoon, you can also do handicrafts in your own studio, and you can use the projector to watch movies in the evening. LIPOWER portable power supply can power coffee machines, electric drills, projectors and other equipment, meeting your power supply needs anytime, anywhere.


How do I choose a good portable power supply?

You can consider the power output, battery, whether it is easy to use, safety features, clean & noise etc factors.
Power Output
The power output of a portable power station refers to the maximum amount of energy the station is capable of delivering to the attached devices. Power output is measured in milliamp-hours (mAh), so how do you calculate how long a device can be used? Generally, it can be calculated in the following simple way: working time = xxxWh*0.85 / operate power of your device. For reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 30W, and you have the portable power supply of LIPOWER PA300,working time will be 296Wh*0.85 /30W = 8.39 hrs (rough calculated).

Whether It Is Easy To Use
Whether it is easy to use you can judge from the weight of the product and the interface. For any device to be considered portable, it needs to have a size and weight that are easily transportable. LIPOWER PA300 power station measures 10 x 4.7 x 9.1 inches and weighs only 7.1lb, It has a large and comfortable handle on top, making it easy to hold and carry, and features 2*Pure Sine Wave AC outlets, 2*DC ports , 2*USB ports , 1*QC3.0 USB , and 1*Type-C PD can charge various electronic devices.


pa300 portable power station

Battery & Safety Features
Built-in battery is the core of portable power supply, a good power supply will use BMS battery system. Backup battery power supply use battery management system (BMS) to improve Lithium battery utilization, extend battery life through short circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, overcuttent protection, over power protection.

Clean & Noise
Another consideration you will want to keep in mind is the amount of noise that your portable power station will produce.
Battery Power station leaves you with very little to no noise, You can enjoy the peace and quiet of a portable power station during power outages, camping trips, RV. Green and safe power, no pollution, no fuel or gas, no fumes. Used portable power station with solar panels, you can use clean and free solar energy continuously.
Gas-powered power stations don’t just store energy, they also generate it. This process can be very loud.


Why choose LIPOWER?

RELIABLE POWER: Car-grade lithium-ion battery cells and excellent BMS tech.

EASY TO USE: Design for portable. Multiple functional output ports. Four ways to recharge.

CLEAN ENERGY: Eco-friendly power solutions. No pollution and no noise.

MEET YOUR NEEDS: 300W~2000W. Different capacities meet your different needs.

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