Heard that God cannot be everywhere, so he created the mother. Are you like many people who have countless love and gratitude for your mother, but are too embarrassed to say it? Mother's Day exists to remind us to express our love bravely. A small gift is full of love and care, sending warm blessings to mothers.

We sincerely recommend LIPOWER portable power station PA300 to you. Thanks to the stylish design and powerful functionality of LIPOWER PA300,
it can meet a variety of outdoor power needs.If your mother is an outdoor enthusiast, portable power supply is definitely the best gift for her.
It can also provide you with a very powerful power supply and strong safety guarantee if you want to use it as a home backup power. Your mother will no longer have to worry about power outages caused by severe weather or unexpected.

portable power station 300w - lipower

Easy To Carry & Well Designed -- This PA300 power station measures 10 x 4.7 x 9.1 inches and weighs only 7.1lb, It has a large and comfortable handle on top,even the elderly and small children can easily hold and carry.There is a 5W bright emergency LED flashlight on the back, Four lighting modes to keep you safe in the darkness: Steady On/ Dim Light/ SOS Mode/ Strobe Mode.so that you will never be left in the dark during a storm, a hurricane, or other emergency situations.The bright yellow/blue color of the power station also makes it easy to identify and spot from outside.

portable power station 300w - lipower

Versatile Outlets Charge Up To 8 Devices At The Same Time -- What an excellent outdoor portable power station needs to do is to adapt to most electrical equipment. For LIPOWER PA300, whether it is a mobile phone, smart speaker, fan, CPAP, etc., it can be easily charged and used.
If we use the power reference, we can feel the total power of lipower·pa300 through direct conversion. Its 296Wh capacity provides approximately 25 recharges for phones, or 8 recharges for tablets, or 5 recharges for laptops, or 2-4 nights for a CPAP machine, or 4 hours for a 32” TV.

4 Ways To Recharge - The charging method is also of great concern to everyone. LIPOWER PA300 supports a total of four charging methods: mains charging - fully charged in 5 hours, driving charging (car charger) - fully charged in 8-10 hours, solar panel Charging - It can be fully charged in 5 hours, and it also supports generator charging, which is flexible, convenient and can meet a variety of charging environments.

8 Safety Protection -- With the frequent occurrence of various illegal battery modification safety accidents, safety issues are of course the top priority of everyone's concern. Backup battery power supply use battery management system (BMS) to improve battery utilization, extend battery life through short protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, and overheating protection; With PURE SINE WAVE function charge your devices more stable and safety without damage and reduces audible and electrical noise


Mother's Day is only one day in May, and the love we have for each other with our mother is years and years. LIPOWER PA300 portable power station represents long-term care and companionship.Take our PA300 and start a spring journey with your mother, illuminating the infinite love for life and power a new world.