The origin of camping

Americans have an adventurous spirit, and the outdoors flows in their blood. In the early days of the United States, in order to survive in the wilderness, Indian teepees were made of animal fur and wooden poles, which opened the development of the American camping culture.

After World War I, people found that tents could be more convenient to go to various places and enjoy the outdoor scenery with very little cost, so the camping vacation boom began. In 1959, with the economic prosperity and development of the United States after World War II, people began to pursue a leisure life and went outdoors one after another.

early American camping

Today, the leisure life of camping has been integrated into the daily life of every household in the United States, forming a healthy and active lifestyle. Camping supplies have evolved from generic styles to lightweight, portable, trendy items that can be used at home or outdoors. It is worth mentioning that the age of participating in camping in the United States continues to decrease, and the form of camping has also expanded from single camping to family camping, self-driving camping, etc. so that all kinds of people can join the outdoor field and experience the beauty of the outdoors.


A picnic is not just about finding a grassland for a meal, but also an opportunity to communicate with family and friends. Compared with long-distance travel and surrounding tours, camping and picnics can relax your body and mind in closeness to nature without having to travel long distances and without too much cost.


Adventure Camping

This kind of camping is generally suitable for real field or plateau hiking. Due to the influence of the environment, various extreme weather such as strong wind, heavy rain and heavy snow may occur at any time,  adventure camping generally emphasizes light, adaptable, high-performance, waterproof and wind-resistant equipment. The satisfaction of adventure camping overnight should lie in the excitement and exploration along the way, you can see it. This kind of camping is not for enjoyment, but a true love of the outdoors and a spirit of exploring the outdoors.

Self-drive camping

Self-driving camping is different from RV camping. Although self-driving camping also relies on cars, it is still mainly sleeping in tents, and you can experience the real outdoor living mode. It's not the same as outdoor camping, you can bring more equipment so that you can use it when you need it on the road.

RV Camping

RV camping is understood by some to be a mobile life. Relying on the car, you can feel at home wherever you go. Compared with other forms of camping, the experience of RV camping is more comfortable and is not limited by the road. Compared with self-driving camping, RV camping can go farther and spend a long time feeling the changes in spring, summer, autumn and winter. RV camping can solve any life problems in the car. Eating, cooking and sleeping are inseparable from the help of the car.

RV camping

Every kind of camping is cool and every kind of outdoor is worth exploring. The spirit of camping exists in the big and small things in life, as well as in the natural law of sunrise and sunset. As for what camping is, everyone should have their own answers.

*Camping Checklist

Headlamps or camping lights: Campsites far away from the hustle and bustle may not have enough light sources, so bringing camping lights will be much more convenient!

Portable power station: Ensure that all kinds of electronic devices are also available at all times outdoors!

Garbage bags: convenient for us to take away all kinds of garbage!

Warm items: The night in the wild is relatively cold, bring a warm baby or jacket, blanket, etc.!

Enough food and water: bring food, all kinds of snacks, enough drinking water is necessary!

Offline maps: Areas with poor signals, paper maps and offline maps are very useful!

Insect repellent products: small partners who are afraid of mosquito bites should bring insect repellent products!

Cleaning products: paper towels, wipes, disinfectant products are also necessary!