With much of the northern hemisphere currently roiling from extreme heat, local utilities are increasingly worried about power outages. The risk of death or serious injury/harm to elderly or immunocompromised persons is immense. Should you lose your power due to extreme heat, a hurricane or tornado, you will be relieved to have a backup plan.

The new MARS-2000 solar powered generator is doubly more powerful than its predecessor, the MARS-1000. Both, however, are sleek, durable, and use the LiFePO4 batteries (electric vehicle-grade LFP battery), and LIPOWER's patented cooling system. LIPOWER tells me that its critical cooling system” enables quick heat dissipation with stability guaranteed.”

LIPOWER latest portable power station Mars2000

Discriminating homeowners, campers and families will be pleased to note that MARS-2000 power station touts even more goodies:

  • 6X Longer Lifespan: LIPOWER MARS-2000 is fueled by an electric vehicle-grade LFP battery that’s made to last 3500+ cycles. So if you put it through a cycle a day, it lasts nearly a decade.
  • MARS-2000 works With 2000 wattage and 1460Wh capacity, which is capable of powering all your devices - from 1000-watt microwaves to 1,600-watt hairdryers and more.

lipower Mars-2000

Compared with their competitors’ 2000W-powered generators, LIPOWER’s products are much lighter, only 16.1kg compared to about 20kg. Both the 2000 power supply and 1000 power station boast 10 outlets to plug in your devices.

Apart from extreme weather, both the 2000 portable power station and 1000 come in handy on that aforementioned camping trip. With the economy and pandemic pushing more and more people to rethink their summer vacations – say,  seven days under a tent rather than two weeks in the South of France – these solar generators are your best friends. They are so lightweight and portable that anyone in the family can carry it, even if you are hiking up to a remote area of the campsite.

Another perk to MARS-2000 portable power station is its noiselessness. The company that makes them, LIPOWER tout that it’s first on the block. Whether it’s the first or the 21st, all that really matters is that you can use it while your wife sleeps without waking her up!

It’s great to know that right now, until Aug. 15, you can buy both generators at a significant discount: the MARS-2000 early-bird price is $1089, slashed from $1489; the MARS-1000 Pro early-bird price is $799, a $200 discount. That seems a small price to pay for the assurance of keeping your AC on when it’s 105 Fahrenheit outside!

For more information check out LIPOWER’s pre-sale page. https://lipowershop.com/pages/lipower-mars-2000-pre-sale