The MARS-1000 PRO is among LIPOWER's latest portable power stations and follows last year's MARS-1000, but how different are the two MARS series items? If you aren't sure which one to buy, here's a full guide comparing both on battery, features, price, and more.


MARS-1000 PRO vs.MARS-1000: Specs at a glance
MARS-1000 PRO MARS-1000
Battery Type EV-Grade LFP (LiFePO4) Battery Premium Lithium ion Battery
Battery Capacity 1120Wh (3.7V/350,000mAh) 1100Wh (3.7V/300,000mAh)
DC Input 200W, 25.5V/8A 120W, 26V/4.5A
PV-Anderson Input 12V~30V/8A 12V~30V/8A
Solar Charge Input 240W Max, Support 18V~30V/8A Max Support 18V~30V
AC Output 110V, 60Hz/50Hz, Pure Sine Wave 110V/60Hz, Pure Sine Wave
AC Output Power Rated 1200W (Surge 2000W) Rated 1000W (Surge 2000W)
USB-A Output 12W, 5V/2.4A 5V/2.4A
USB-Fast Charge Output 18W, 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W
5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W
USB-C Output PD60W, 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A. 20V/3A PD60W, 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A. 20V/3A
DC Output 120W, 12V/10A MAX 120W, 12V/10A
Cigar Port 96W, 12V/8A MAX 12V/8A
Operating Temperature -10°C (14°F) ~ 75°C (167°F) -10°C (14°F) ~ 75°C (168°F)
Recharging Temperature 0°C (32°F) ~ 40°C (104°F) 0°C (32°F) ~ 40°C (105°F)
Multiple Protection Short Circuit Protection Short Circuit Protection
Over Charge Protection Over Charge Protection
Over Discharge Protection Over Discharge Protection
Over Current Protection Over Current Protection
Over Power Protection Over Power Protection
Over Temperature Protection Over Temperature Protection
Certificantions UN38.3、ROHS、FCC、PSE、CE UN38.3、ROHS、FCC、PSE、CE
Product Size L 12.6 x W 9.1 x H 10.2 in (320 x 230 x 260 mm) L 12.6 x W 9.1 x H 10.2 in (320 x 230 x 260 mm)
Net Weight 29.3 lbs (13.3 kg) 26.5lbs (12kg)


MARS-1000 PRO vs.MARS-1000: Outlook and sizes

The MARS-1000 PRO looks very similar to the MARS-1000. Both are built with a durable automotive-grade aluminum shell and come with ergonomic dual grips making them easy to carry. The MARS-1000 PRO and MARS-1000 are the same sizes, but the Mars-1000 pro is 2.8lbs heavier than the Mar1000.

MARS-1000 PRO vs.MARS-1000: Battery Life

LIPOWER MARS-1000 PRO comes equipped with EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries that offer more than 3500 charge cycles, allowing the power station to comfortably last for over a decade with no discernable drop in performance. MARS-1000 is equipped with NCM lithium battery, which offers 800 complete charge cycles to 80%.

MARS-1000 PRO vs.MARS-1000: Other notable features

LIPOWER’s patented cooling system keeps the batteries and accompanying tech cool and breezy even when you’re pushing the power station to its limits, and its fans never cross more than 35 decibels of noise, making the LIPOWER MARS-1000 PRO quieter than most conventional generators. It’s also built with multiple safeguards against short circuiting, overcharging, overheating, etc., making it safer than other alternatives.


MARS-1000 PRO vs.MARS-1000: Output and input

MARS-100O PRO and MARS-1000 both offer 10 different ports to charge/power a whole slew of devices, including 3 110V AC ports, 3 12V DC ports (including one car outlet), 3 USB-A ports (including one USB3.0 port for fast charging), and one USB-C port that outputs 60W. With all these ports, you’re sure to find the energy you need to power your mobile office, power tools, or supply backup energy during a power outage.

The DC Input of Mars-1000 pro support 200W, 25.5V/8A and the Mar-1000 support 120w 25.5V/4.5A. The Solar Charge Input of Mars-1000 pro support 240W Max and the Mar-1000 supports 160w max. So when you choose mars-1000 pro, you get faster ac charging speed and solar charging speed.

MARS-1000 PRO vs.MARS-1000: Price

The standard MARS-1000 PRO costs $1099 and the MARS-1000 costs $999.


If you are going to use the power station frequently and want to get a faster-charging speed then the MARS-1000 PRO is a great option, offering more than 10 years lifespan and exclusive intelligent cooling system. Meanwhile, if you don't need to use it that often, the MARS-1000 is well worth considering even if it isn't new anymore.