Recently,a dangerous winter storm swept through parts of the southeastern US. As a result, more than 330,000 residents were without power in Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee all the way to Ohio and New York. How to keep yourself warm in this dire situation is very important. Keep in mind the following tips to survive the harsh winter in the power outage!

winter ice storm

Precautions for Winter Power Outage

If you encounter a power outage for various reasons such as blizzards in winter, be sure to pay attention to the following problems:

  • Keep freezers or refrigerators closed. Food in the refrigerator can be kept cold for about four hours. The freezer can maintain the temperature for about 48 hours.
  • If using a generator, only outdoors and away from windows. Generators, camp stoves or charcoal grills should always be used outdoors and at least 20 feet away from windows to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Seniors and young children are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures, so keep an eye on them.
  • Don't use gas stoves to heat warm rooms, there is a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • If you go to public for heating, please keep a safe distance from others and wear a mask.
  • If the power goes out for more than a day, it's best to discard frozen medications in the refrigerator are best discarded unless the medication label states otherwise.
power outage

Heating measures for Winter power outage

Close Doors 

Close the doors of every room you don't need to go to.The more airtight the house is, the warmer the room will be.

Stay In A Small Room

Choose a bedroom with a smaller area (preferably a bedroom with as few windows as possible), and then try to stay in this room as much as possible. If possible, it is best to have a room facing south so that the sunlight can better warm the room.

Prepare A Portable Power Station

The portable power station‘s lithium battery is not affected by low temperature, and can be used normally at freezing temperature. It is self-sufficient in combination with solar panels. As long as there is light, it can provide power for a long time.

Lipower MARS-1000 has a strong inverter output capability and can provide 110V output. It can drive small appliances such as rice cookers, soymilk machines, ovens, microwave ovens, and electric heaters for people to operate normally in cold waves. There is no harmful gas and no noise  throughout the process, you can comfortably wait at home for the power to be restored.

MARS-1000 portable power station
Cover Windows And Gaps With Tape and Plastic

If you don't have these, you can also use tape, plastic trash bags, etc., or you can have use bubble wrap to seal up door seams, window seams, etc. This is a good way to maintain the temperature in the room.

Close All Blinds And Curtains At Night

Don't forget to close the curtains after wrapping the windows in plastic bags etc. If you have windows without curtains, use a thick blanket instead. Doing so blocks airflow and prevents cold air from entering the room through the glass windows. It's also a great way to keep warm!

Wear More Clothes

This is the most basic and effective way to keep warm! Put on the thickest thermal underwear you have around, wear extra pairs of socks, and a hat that covers your ears. The benefit of doing this is that your body heat is concentrated and warm.

Keep Exercising

If you're cold with your clothes on and you don't have any other heating equipment, you can do some exercise to increase blood circulation and heat through skeletal muscles.