If you want to enjoy the comfort of outdoor life and the convenience of urban life at the same time, adequate power supply is the key. Compared with common fuel generators, portable power station has the advantages of no noise, no pollution, easy portability, etc., it can be regarded as the best solution to the problem of outdoor camping electricity.

What is portable power station

Portable power station is a multi-functional rechargeable battery-powered generator based on lithium-ion batteries, . Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport USB charging ports, and car cigarette lighters. Covering all kinds of digital equipment, household appliances, vehicle emergency electrical appliances, providing backup power for outdoor travel and home emergency. At the same time, solar energy storage can be used off the grid for a few days.

Usage scenario

  • Long-distance self-driving tour
  • Short-distance self-driving tour, camping, when camping in the wild, use the ingredients you bring to cook dishes and eat, and supply power to kitchen appliances
  • In the event of a sudden power failure at home, it acts as an emergency power supply to ensure temporary power consumption
  • At critical moments, as an emergency power supply for the car, it can supply power to the car.

Consider These Factors When Buying a Portable Power Supply for Camping

Battery Performance

Generally, the lithium-ion battery is used as the built-in battery for portable power station. Relatively speaking, this kind of battery has high density, stable power output performance, longer service life, and overall is a good cost-effective battery.

Type of Charging Output Ports

The portable power station mainly supplies power to the accompanying equipment, and the type of output interface directly determines whether the accompanying equipment is applicable. The charging interface is generally divided into several types: AC port, DC port, Type-C port.

Some outdoor power supplies do not have complete port types, so pay attention when you purchasing. It is recommended to choose a power supply with all three types of ports. More and more equipment and appliances are used for long-distance travel, A single charging interface is difficult to meet the requirements.

camping power station

Select capacity according to demand

The capacity is selected according to specific needs. people who travel long distances must choose a large-capacity power supply; small -capacity power supply is more suitable for short camping trips.

Generally, the larger the battery capacity, the higher the price and the heavier the weight.

Select the power according to the equipment used

Outdoor life is indispensable for electrical appliances such as rice cookers, LED lights, mobile phones, cameras, etc. to supply power to multiple devices at the same time. The power of the power supply affects the diversity of electrical equipment to a certain extent.

Charging method

The portable power station has a variety of charging methods, and the outdoor portability is stronger. Some power sources are only limited to mains charging, and the charging method is single. It is recommended to choose a power source that supports mains charging and solar panel charging.

Is there an LED light

In fact, most of the portable power stations have LED lights,mainly in outdoor lighting, power outage emergency, rescue and other aspects have a relatively large role, you can also pay attention when purchasing.



Camping and hiking are excellent ways to take advantage of the great outdoors.Portable power supply allows you to use sufficient power at any time outdoor.

If it is a short trip/camping, we recommen the portable power station which is light weight, small size and easy to carry.If it is a long trip, we recommen to focus on battery capacity, endurance, and charging methods.