In the context of global climate change, extreme snowstorms, flood, hurricanes events have intensified in recent years. Damage to urban infrastructure and secondary disasters seriously affect people's normal life.

Bad weather and climate often affect the stable operation of the power grid, and power outages and shortages occur from time to time. Power shortage directly affects daily basic communication and night lighting, and rescue equipment and household appliances cannot operate normally without electricity. Therefore, emergency disaster relief must first ensure stable power supply and quickly restore power to maintain normal life. At this time, a portable power station that can provide continuous, reliable and safe electrical energy is very necessary.

As Emergency Backup Generator, it has the advantages of convenient deployment, safe and portable, easy operation, no noise, large capacity and high power, can output AC and DC power at the same time, and wide adaptability. Under the conditions of sudden natural disasters, damage to the power output security of the power grid, and harsh communication environment, the advantages of its emergency power supply capability are more obvious.For example, the high-power and large-capacity lipower power station provides a good emergency power solution for household sudden power outages. It can provide daily emergency lighting equipment, digital electronic equipment, small household kitchen utensils, etc. with stable current supply comparable to the municipal power when the municipal power is damaged.

  • Indoor emergency electricity

Indoor power outages occur from time to time, including different public places such as homes, shopping malls, enterprises, factories, etc. In order to avoid running out of power when the above situation occurs, a portable power station is reserved indoors as an emergency backup power supply Use is the key, it can solve the power consumption problem of many devices. In addition, our lipower mars-1000 can supply power to industrial equipment such as electric lights, electric drills, cutting machines, etc.


  • Electricity for Rescue and Disaster Relief

Lipower portable power station MARS-1000 has a built-in 1100Wh large battery capacity, which can carry equipment within1000W, which is equivalent to having a 1100Wh mains power supply. This portable emergency backup power supply MARS-1000 can continuously output, efficient and safe power supply anytime and anywhere, reducing economic losses and casualties caused by disasters.

  • Electricity for medical rescue

In order to protect the life safety of patients, many medical institutions must maintain uninterrupted power supply for both medical equipment and data management systems, so the equipment of medical emergency power supply is very important. Especially in the early stage of COVID-19, the demand for medical equipment such as ventilators, IT equipment, scanners, mask machines, body temperature measurement equipment and other medical equipment has increased significantly. Hospitals are likely to face insufficient power supply and temporary hospital power facilities. Problems such as improvement and difficulty in accessing electricity occurred. Based on this situation, hospitals can only seek alternative power solutions, portable power station has helped them solve this problem very well.