Whether it’s because of warming temperatures, the vistas of spring, or even just trying to shed winter fat, there are great reasons to go outdoors. Compared to indoor activities, outdoor activities is more invigorating and energizing, and you may be able to activate healthy habits throughout the year.

Three advantages of go outdoors in spring

Increase exercise time

When people go outdoors, they tend to spend more time to exercise than indoors, which is more conducive to regulating stress hormones, increasing endorphins and serotonin secretion.

Good for cardiovascular

Exercising in a natural environment can help lower blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Improve mental health

Taking a walk as an example, compared to walking in the city, people walking outside for 90 minutes are less likely to think about complex problems and have less activity in brain regions associated with depression.

I'd like to recommend some outdoor activities for spring, compared to professional outdoor adventures, even people with zero sports experience can try them. Not only does it help reserve a better physical condition and enjoy the fresh air, but it can also be enjoyed on weekends with friends and is a great choice for family entertainment.

Hiking/Climbing/Easy Off-Road Trails

For the general public, it may not be easy to complete a high-intensity cross-country run. But during the seasons of the year when the temperature and scenery are pleasant, it's feasible to take a hike or an easy off-road mountaineering to experience the fun of off-roading in simplified form.

Newbie TIPS

Carry as light as possible, a light backpack, hiking shoes or running shoes suitable for hiking, sunscreen, warm supplies such as bandanas, hats, glasses, lighting tools such as headlamps (at night), GPS sports watches, water and food to supplement calories.If you travel for more than a day, you also need a portable power station to charge your mobile phone, camera and other electronic devices. It is the most reliable and reliable partner in the unfamiliar journey.


In addition to running, cycling is basically the first choice for most aerobic exercise. It exercises the strength of the lower body, promotes blood circulation, and increases one's own lung capacity. Arrange a long-distance ride on the weekend, enjoy the spring scenery all the way, save money and low carbon. If you miss the spring ride, you will regret it for a whole year.

Newbie TIPS

First you need a bike, helmet, gloves, jersey, goggles, water bottle, lights/reflectors. These equipments can help newbies get into the state quickly and do more with less.



Skilled in using the rowing machine in the gym, do you want to try it in the water when spring comes? Really rowing in the water, getting close to nature, feeling the confrontation with the resistance of the water flow, exercising the upper limbs, back and core muscles, while watching the scenery on both sides of the strait passing by If you like fishing, you might as well bring fishing gear. Spring is blooming, which is the "golden season" of fishing.
Newbie TIPS

The basic movement skills of rowing are to pull back the oars on both sides during the rowing process, and use the strength of the whole body. To change the angle of the boat, you can use only one paddle. When one paddle is rowing, the other paddle is on the water, which will cause the boat to have some backward motion, thus controlling the direction of adjustment.

Compared with boating, fishing needs to deal with more complex environmental conditions. You also need to know real-time air pressure, tides, temperature and humidity, etc., which are closely related to fish activities.

portable power station for fishing


Camping is definitely a fun outdoor activity.Find a quiet campsite in the state park to camp and enjoy the tranquility and happiness in nature. Camping is an activity that requires a lot of preparation, and it is also a special experience that can bring people the most unforgettable memories. Friends and family members who have been camping together have experienced the collaboration of completing a goal together, getting rid of the pressure of urban life, and can quickly shorten the distance between each other. A camping can accommodate all the activities such as cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, boating, etc. described above, which are rich and colorful. Ordinary life always needs some fun, camping can be the best choice!

Newbie TIPS

If you want to have a successful camping trip, prepare well before you set off. What equipment or how much equipment to bring for outdoor camping is closely related to the number of campers, the camping location and the camping season.

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No matter what kind of outdoor activities you choose, the first principle is to keep safety and pay attention to personal protection. Whether daily or on weekends, there is always a suitable activity to encourage us to go outdoors, which helps us quickly recover our physical and mental state and experience the joy of being with nature.

Being well prepared can make every outdoor activity a pure enjoyment.Hope everyone can find themselves in exploring nature and gain unexpected fresh experiences!